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Server News
Hello CC players, 

Please click the link below to learn about the new update and what it means for you as a player. Moreover, we will be updating the server sometime within the next couple days. Thank you for your patience. 

***If you'd like to play on the server
- Exit out of  your Minecraft client 
- Click 'edit profile' 
- Scroll down to ' Use version' 
- Change the version date to '1.7.4'
- Click 'save profile' 
- Hit PLAY

Hello CC players, this past week has by far been an exciting one. We have finally released the mini-games world! Check out the amazing list of games we have to offer here on Creepercraft:


 Kit PvP
 Virtual Checkers
 Parkour Maps
 Mob Arena
 A dynamic rockin' roller coaster
 And many more mini-games to come!!! 
[Member] gekominer i cant log into creeper craft it says incorrect password
[Trust] CommanderOx Luketheduke721 why dont you just shut up about CC, the little server you play on owned by Glitch and his Mommy is nothin ...

Valentines Day Sale!

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaff posted Feb 13, 14
Hello CC players! 

To celebrate this years Valentines Day, we will be having a sale in the donor shop! This is a great opportunity to get your Minecraft friend a surprise gift or even something for yourself :) 

♥♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥♥

[VIP-4] Olive48 Donor Thanks for fixing my thing. (Yes, I know, I'm really specific)
[VIP-4] Olive48 Donor Also, it still calls me Trusted, but I've ranked up to Lapis.
[VIP-4] Olive48 Donor I'll finally be able to get the Tank thingy!
Hello everyone, 

Although I recognize the majority of CC players, I do understand that there are some of you who are relatively new to the game and therefore unsure of how certain commands work. I have made a very basic video for those of you who need the help. Once again, it is a very basic video so it might not appeal to players that have an understanding of how Minecraft Multiplayer works. 

***Creepercraft Youtube Video: 

***Helpful Links: 

[VIP-4] Olive48 Donor It's because you are AWESOME! GO CREEPERCRAFT!
[VIP-4] Olive48 Donor When I frequently bombard you with questions, try to put you on a leash when you are afk, and follow you around, is it a ...
[VIP-7] QueenSeren235 Donor lol ekriv camera bombing at 11:58 ...
Hey Everyone!

 I've been working on a very special project recently! Check out the video to learn more about what this plugin brings to the server: 

***Creepercraft Youtube Video: 

[Member] TreyKillz3 i created an account i just dont know how to play help asap
[Member] thebeast23 how do i join
[VIP-6] Hoksbergen Donor Its great but now valuable items are about as common as dirt now.The ores respawn rate is adequate for some like the dia ...
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