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Server News

1.8 Update and what's to come!

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Aug 27, 14
Hello CC players! 

As the summer comes to an end I would like to thank those of you who have spent your time with us during it. We appreciate every player that joins us, even if its just for an hour. As most of you may be aware of, the Minecraft 1.8 update is coming out within the coming weeks. This is very exciting new for us on Creepercraft because we have planned an interesting couple of weeks for you all. Here is the schedule: 

*August 23rd- Griefing enabled
*August 25th- Pvp enabled
* TBA- Creative mode will be enabled! 
***TBA- Server reset; all worlds (some exceptions) and inventories will reset to welcome the new update. 

As we near the dates mentioned above, please remember to act mature, be respectful, and most importantly to have fun! We take great pride here on CC to ensure that our players have the best time possible on the server. 

On another note, we have a major project planned for the server.  I will discuss it much later as we near the alpha release. For the mean time, please be sure to vote our server lists on the left-hand side. Once again, thank you for playing on Creepercraft and we hope you continue to do so! 

*Check out our new website! 
*Be sure to connect to

Creepercraft Server Maintenance

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Aug 6, 14
Hello all, 

Sorry about the inconvenience, but we are experiencing some technical difficultly and are taking this time to adjust things on the server. Moreover, we have detected some corrupted chunks and therefore are clearing all worlds unfortunately. This is NOT the 1st world reset as we have one coming for the 1.8 update. Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this has resulted in. 


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[Loyal] gizmosarousrex21 Just to get this out there 1285done is the worst admin on the server the least he deserves is death by my own hand... Ho ...
Mick_Mack Any idea if the XP/lvl issues is going to be resolved? Every single time I log off and then come back on my xp and my le ...
[VIP-1] CommanderOx Donor I have made a forum post about what needs to be changed for the 1.8 update with the server: ...
Hey CC players, 

Please watch the video below for an explanation on ranks and what changes were made. If there are any more questions, please post a comment down below, 

***If your registered prior to today, you received 1500 voter points! Spend them at the donor shop by visiting

***Summer Sale coupon: SUMMER

24-hr Server Maintenance

[Owner] donnie8986 aStaffStaffVoted posted Jul 21, 14
Hello CC players, 

Just a heads up that we are conducting a scheduled server maintenance within the next 24-hours. New features will be added along with certain plugins being cleaned up. Thank you for playing on CC and sorry if there is any inconvenience. 

[VIP-8] corybourne DonorVoted CreeperCraft main is Online again.
Hello CC players, 

Please watch the latest video to find out what Creepercraft will do about the Mojang EULA issue and other server topics. Thanks for continuing to support us! 

*** Summer Sale 25% OFF, code: SUMMER 
[Loyal] Crazysportsfan Wow thanks for the info:)
[Member] Superhero1104 So That EULA IS A JERK
johnnymeboy Can i have my commands back??
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